Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer School

Here is what summer school looks like for us.

We are choosing to home school our kids year round. They do 2 pages out of a workbook each day. We take walks through the woods and talk through everything in our day. We look up how big Noah's ark was and measure it with a ruler.  We talk through temper tantrums. We sing songs like "He's Able, He's Able, The Fruit of the Spirit, and Who Built the Ark?"  My 22 month old is also picking up on "Alabare, Alabare."  Shiloh loves "El Shadai."  The 5 year old likes to make up his own songs.

I would like to say we take an "eclectic approach" to learning. We use workbooks but anything that the 5 year old asks about we research and talk about through out the day.  There are educational resources scattered throughout the house. On random days the kids will choose to learn about sharks or whales.  We recently read a book about bugs and catepillars.  I'm learning right along with each of the kids.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


May brings warmer weather.  We are finally able to go outside most days.  We have graduations planned and Camp Meeting in June.  Our garden is also growing well. I continue to work on a contractual basis which is working well for our family.  I love following others blogs.  Today we went for a walk in the woods. All 3 kids are actually sleeping right now so that is amazing. I am so thankful and blessed to be a mama of my three toddlers.

Here are some recent pics:

Training for Camp Meeting 5K.  Hubby and I are running, pushing jogging strollers again.  The kids love to stretch with me.

Recent Trip to Lake Michigan

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Back to Eden

Our garden is our new adventure. Last year we did raised garden beds and that also went well.  This year the hubby researched "Back to Eden" gardening.

First we planted the seeds and put them in an indoor green house in the kitchen.

Then we put eight truck loads of horse manure, shredded newspaper and hay on top of a layer of newspaper.  The newspaper was also on top of our grass.

We then put in fifteen yards of top soil.  We planted some potatoes and strawberry plants today.

We will also put mulch over top of the plants when they start to sprout a little.

The idea behind "Back to Eden" gardening is that you won't have to water much if at all because the mulch holds in the moisture. The mulch will also keep out a lot of the weeds.  We have mulch from our local tree company. The mulch or wood in small pieces is not even but it will work.