Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Febrile Seizure

Sunday was an interesting day for us. God was there and we felt his presence. Our dear sweet 3 year old little man has been struggling with temper tantrums.   However now I am wondering if he was not feeling well for a while now.  He appears to have extreme anxiety in social situations and refuses to use the bathroom. He often will refuse to eat or drink as well in other environments.  Friday I watched 4 other children, plus mine. Saturday is a church day with service and potluck. Sunday we went over to my parent's house.  My parents were over at my grandma's house when the incident occurred.

Elijah moaned and groaned the whole day on Sunday.  Elijah has a lot of anxiety about going the potty at other peoples's houses.  He will wait 4-6 hours before using the toilet.  He often will wait to poop until we put his nighttime diaper on.

Elijah's forehead felt warm so my hubby asked for a cold washcloth.  As I was giving him a washcloth he started to seize. I believe the seizing lasted 2-3 minutes. Elijah's aunt called 911 while his uncle entertained Shiloh. I was wearing Jonah in the ergo so I was able to pray over Elijah and ask 911 what to do next.  The 911 operator told us not to take him outside.  So I opened a window because I believe fresh air helps everyone.  It took the paramedics 6-7 minutes to get to the house.  Elijah's lips turned blue and all I could do was pray for him to come back to consciousness.  My hubby held Elijah the entire time.  Hubby then laid with him on the couch after the paramedics left.

Elijah's sugar was 150 and temperature read 98.6 on the paramedics charts.  They recommended he take a tempid bath if we were not going to transport him to the hospital.  We decided not to transport him to the hospital. We did take his temperature again, and it was 102.1 degrees F. Elijah's aunt and uncle went to get children's tylenol and ibruprofen. We gave him the ibruprofen and that did bring his tempeterature down.

I have worked with kids with seizures and also have been part of pediatric hospice, seeing many different children with various illnesses and diseases that were not compatible with life.  I am thankful that God spared Elijah and that we were able to get through this trial and persevere.

Here is some information on febrile seizures.  Another factor includes Elijah may have a urinary tract infection that caused a high temperature that caused a seizure.  I am doing my research on what may have happened and then I plan to talk with Elijah's family dr. in the near future.

James 5:16 New King James Version (NKJV)16 Confess your trespasses[a] to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January has ended

January ended with two birthdays, Shiloh and my birthday.  We shopped at Cosco earlier in the month to buy groceries and an amazing gluten free cake mix.  (Read the dangers of wheat here.)  Cosco is one of my favorite outings for the month. I love tasting samples and I love thinking about food.

Kids pushing the Cosco cart.   

We made the cake mix for my birthday and Shiloh's 2nd birthday.  Read her amazing birth story here.   Our goals is to be gluten free , dairy free and meat free this year.

Namaste spice cake mix with flax seed gel (egg substitute).