Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer School

Here is what summer school looks like for us.

We are choosing to home school our kids year round. They do 2 pages out of a workbook each day. We take walks through the woods and talk through everything in our day. We look up how big Noah's ark was and measure it with a ruler.  We talk through temper tantrums. We sing songs like "He's Able, He's Able, The Fruit of the Spirit, and Who Built the Ark?"  My 22 month old is also picking up on "Alabare, Alabare."  Shiloh loves "El Shadai."  The 5 year old likes to make up his own songs.

I would like to say we take an "eclectic approach" to learning. We use workbooks but anything that the 5 year old asks about we research and talk about through out the day.  There are educational resources scattered throughout the house. On random days the kids will choose to learn about sharks or whales.  We recently read a book about bugs and catepillars.  I'm learning right along with each of the kids.

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