Saturday, December 6, 2014


I closed on my first house this week. What a crescendo to years of looking for a house.  My hubby and I both signed the papers. Now we have to figure out how to move our stuff.  We have a trailer, van, and a car top carrier.  We currently have a smaller house so not too much furniture but lots of bins of clothes.  I save most of the hand-me-downs friends and neighbors give me.

So now, we are praying how to fill our new house up. I will be looking into doing daycare, fostercare or an exchange student.  But I also pray God will place people in our lives who need some extra support.  I am excited to make new memories in my kitchen especially.

Psalm 84: 10  For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God Than dwell in the tents of wickedness. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Vegan Thanksgiving

Okay, so in January my hubby and decided that we were going to go vegan as a family.

Here it is turkey season and our kids will not be eating turkey this year. Nor will they be partaking in the ham at Christmas time. Some days I tell my 4 year old that when he is 18 he can eat "clean meats" and we go down the list which includes chicken, turkey, or deer. I will have to say that I have had some yummy jerk venison made by co-workers in the past.
We hosted thanksgiving this year at our house. Both sisters, brother, niece and nephew attended. They brought the meat, our family prepared the side dishes. We made homemade bread, added carrots, onions, garlic and seasonings such as sage, fennel, and celery seed to make stuffing. I also made a homemade gravy from cashews, nutritional yeast flakes and potatoes. There was also broccoli as a side dish. My kids did not complain nor notice that they were not eating meat.

Other items on the menu included peach pie with flax seed and pureed tofu, cheese cake made with dates and walnuts for a crust.  So, it is possible to be vegan for the holidays.

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Saturday, November 15, 2014


Behold, behold! 
I stand at the door and knock, knock, knock, 
Behold, behold! 
I stand at the door and knock, knock, knock, 
If anyone hear my voice, 
If anyone hear my voice, 
And will open, open, open the door, 
I will come in. 

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Behold, Behold is a simple kids song based on Revelation 3:20 Behold I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him, and dine with him and he with Me.

However, how many of us are focused on our child's salvation each hour of the day?  I know I struggle most days with wiping the bums, brushing the teeth and feeding the kids each day.  I struggle to be patient through the temper tantrums, whining and yelling.  

Something that I have recently been convicted of what is my ultimate goal each day? I can be so focused on trying to teach the kids something and improve their brain power. However, what good am I if the task does not ultimately lead them back to Jesus?  I'm trying to incorporate Bible stories, lessons and applications each day and each hour of the day. Even when we are out for a walk I ultimately bring the 4 year old conversations back to how Jesus is coming soon and we need to be ready for him.

“And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work.  Revelation 22:12

Sunday, November 2, 2014


I'm sure many people can't believe its November.  We had an interesting week last week. We feel God is calling us to open our home to foster kids, day care kids and/or students from a foreign country. However, we only have space for our family in our current home.

We put in an offer at a house that seemed to the be the best fit for us.  More bedrooms, larger kitchen and acreage for the kids to run. However when doing the inspections we found the roof will need to be replaced in the next 1-5 years and windows in the next 3-5 years.  Those are big expenses that need consideration in our budget.

We didn't buy the house but got some cute outdoor pictures on the property.

My current goal is to live contently, live simply and continue to seek God's guidance for our family.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

American Dream = the American Nightmare

We are taught from a young age to go to school, get good grades, go to college, go to graduate school and get a good job. Then after that you need a new car, a big house and then you can pop out two kids, who will spend most of their little lives institutionalized in daycare setting and the school system.

dWhere does all this planning lead people?  Down the path of depression. You are always trying to keep up with your neighbors and their new car, updates in their home, new clothes etc etc.  We are constantly trying to change our appearance to look better for others.

But what about God?  What does God require of us? He has showed you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?  Micah 6:8.  Walk humbly with him? What does that really mean?  The devil wants us to be busy. He wants us to work our 40 hour per week job so we can be distracted. We are so distracted because we have a house payment, car payment, daycare payment and wardrobe payment.

I bought into the whole career dream for a couple years. I was bumped up the pay scale by a supervisor and I was given my own office, a rarity in my line of work.  I was told that I was on the track to be unit chief. However, the high pay and office did not bring me happiness. I found that by being pregnant I could get a maternity leave and "get out of working."

Yet each time I returned from maternity leave I found it harder and harder to leave my babies. I had to disconnect from them and then try to reengage with them on the weekend.  I took an extended maternity leave after the 3rd baby. Then I returned to worked full time for 4 months. We had a great sitter who cooked, cleaned and kept the kids happy.   I was earning money for my 401K, building my savings account and keeping my clinical skills up to date. But I longed to be with my two toddlers going through various stages and my arms longed to hold my baby.

So last month I quit my full time job. I left the comforts of state benefits and insurance. I have to say that being home full time for 30 days now has really changed my view of moms who "work at home."  My head is split 3 different directions each hour of the day. I am trying to give each kid attention, clean the house, mentally stimulate the 4 year old. Plus nurse the the 31 month old and the 14 month old.

Some days my brain daydreams what it would be like to be with my co-workers. However, I want to stay the course and stay focused on my kids.  Here is a quote from an Ellen G. White Book called Child Guidance.

It is the privilege of parents to take their children with them to the
gates of the city of God, saying, “I have tried to instruct my children to
love the Lord, to do His will, and to glorify Him.” To such the gate will
be thrown open, and parents and children will enter in. But all cannot
enter. Some are left outside with their children, whose characters have
not been transformed by submission to the will of God. A hand is
raised, and the words are spoken, “You have neglected home duties.
You have failed to do the work that would have fitted the soul for
a home in heaven. You cannot enter." 

I desire to have each of my children walk through those pearly gates with me. Some days I am left exhausted and filled with tears and frustration.  I pray my daily family worship time, readings from the Bible, and talking to our Heavenly Father would impact my kids.  I must do everything I can to point my children to the path that leads to Christ.  

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Beyond the Sling Book by Mayim Bialik Book Review

Beyond the Sling by Mayim Bialik 
Why I like this book:
Mayim is a vegan, co-sleeping, gentle discipline kind of girl.

We also are vegan in this household. We slowly took items out of our menu. The pork, chicken and turkey went first. I am talking with my kids about how if they want to eat "clean meats" (like chicken and turkey) when they are 18, they may eat those meats.  I love how Mayim talks of how she brings her vegan bran muffins to birthday parties. 

We make homemade muffins with blueberries, oats, flax seed, and pureed squash. I bring the muffins to La Leche Meetings, outings and now I have the confidence to bring them to birthday parties too.  The kids love the muffins and now the 4 year old can make them almost by himself.  

I did not start co-sleeping til my 3rd kid, out of the need to get more rest and deal with the toddlers during the day. However, there is much research that points to the positives of having mother and baby in close proximately to each other.  I really like having baby in my room also, as I barely wake up during feedings and he doesn't get so upset before I pick him up. Mayim talks of all the positives of co-sleeping and how to co-sleep safely or have baby sleeping near mama. 

I agree Mayim's approach to discipline.  She recommends spending as much time as possible with your kid. This way you can get to know your kid and know the specific style of parental guidance that is warranted for each kid.  Mayim has a PhD and is in the TV business, however she took time out of her career to build relationships with her two kids. She also does not allow her kids to watch television.  She feels that her kids could be doing better things with her time. She also does not even do "educational toys."  She speaks of how her kids are a "bit delayed" in their speech and some growth patterns. However, they are able to focus better on certain tasks. Instead Mayim has a very simple playing style with kids. Wooden toys and pots/pan etc. I have also noticed that my kids love to play with "adult items" such as brooms, pans, and toilet paper. I would like to think that their frontal lobe is developing in a more positive manner than most "mainstream kids."  

The whole gentle discipline thing is newer to me. I struggle with talking my two year old through each frustrating moment and temper tantrum. Many times she needs to go potty when she is having a temper tantrum, or it is a transition from one activity to another. Other times she is just tired and her brain is not functioning at 100%.  Here is a quote I really like: "Gentle Discipline can work for every child, and every parent, if we only invest the time and energy to make it happen with consistency, authenticity, and love." Another point she makes is the question: "Is the physical punishment really working? Well, research indicates that physical punishment fails to promote long term compliance and is actually correlated with less internalization of appropriate behavior and compliance.  In addition, many studies report the more defiant they are and the less likely they are to show empathy for others.  Throughout the world, physical punishment is associated with increased psychological maladjustment and mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, as well as drug and alcohol abuse (Bialik, 2013)."  

The whole punishment route does not help explain to the child why a certain behavior is not appropriate. Many of the incarcerated persons I have worked with were disciplined in harsh manner. Gentle discipline takes every once of energy right out of you. But I believe in the end my kids will understand the importance of why I am guiding them on a certain path. 
                                                     Starting the day with chamomile tea.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Raised Garden Beds

West side of the house. Green Pepers, Red Peppers, Green Beans, Broccoli.  Broccoli didn't do so well, but the leaves grew so we roasted the leaves like a kale plant. 
 Side of the House; carrots and beans. Facing South but trees on that side of the house.
  Front of the house, facing east.  Squash, radishes, green beans.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Breast Feeding 101

Sometimes life education is the best way to learn a new concept. As for breastfeeding I think the best advice I could give someone is to obtain a doula for their birth. If you have a doula walking by your side through a natural labor; then you have a great jump start for the best possible outcomes for breast feeding success.  The doula can support you before, during and after your labor.

The doula can even support you when your birth ends in c-section, and aid in finding the best latch after surgery. However, when one uses a doula, your rate of a c-section is about 30% lower than the national average. More about the c-section rate in states, counties and countries in a future post.  

Lets talk about newborn breastfeeding.  For starters there are many positions that a baby may want to eat. A baby may prefer the "football hold" or a baby may prefer "laid back breastfeeding" where the mom is reclined.  Or after a c-section a mother laying on her side may be the best position.

As you can see, toddlers get excited over mama's milk, too.  La Leche League is one of the best supporters out there of breastfeeding moms.  The leaders are warm and non-judgemental.  You can nurse in the comfort of other mothers for at least 2 hours, 1 time a week.  Older children are also welcome and can learn just as much about the lifestyle of breastfeeding.

In a recent La Leche League meeting one of the leaders brought up the fact that baby need to nurse on both sides to help develop their brain and physical formations of their skull.  A baby may prefer one nipple more than another because no two nipples are a like.  However, the baby still needs to nurse or mimic nurse from both sides.  Even if you had a breast surgery on one or both breast/nipples, you can still nurse.  Even if you are bottle feeding, switching the sides you hold the baby is important for brain and skull development.

I would also like to point out that adoptive moms can nurse their babies as well.  I recently ran into an adoptive mother at La Leche League.  She was using donated milk with a Medela Starter SNS with container.  The baby was learning how to latch onto her, however, and then drink the donated breast milk with the milk starter. 

There are even stories of mothers whose baby will not latch "properly" due to tongue tie, etc.  I really like the story of this Mom who talks of her various obstacles of breastfeeding. However, she was able to persevere and her baby was able to get the full benefits of mama's milk.  Another Mom's advice for breastfeeding can also be found here.  She nursed eight kids and has one on the way so I think she would have some intuition on breastfeeding.  

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Back To Motherhood

Miss Joanne, from South Africa has gone back home and we are left to pick up the pieces. What an emotional experience to share your precious offspring with another woman. She wore the baby, and mothered in a gentle manner. The kids also had daily excursions around town picking wild mulberries.

Miss Joanne taught me how to cook a lentil bake, make homemade crackers and make vegan milk from pecans.  I am so thankful I was able to go "back to work", have interactions with my co-workers and also get out of the house for a couple months.  I love many aspects of my work, however the first shift hours are not ideal for me at this current time of my life.

This summer was also a whirlwind with trips to Oshkosh WI, Camp Meeting and Camp Au Sable.  I had so much fun singing hymns and kid songs in the van with Miss Joanne.  She brought her guitar along which added accompaniment to her angelic voice. We camped at a State Park in Wisconsin. What a difference traveling makes when you have two extra adults who are ready to help each child get through the day.

I continue to research home school co-ops. My current favorite website for ideas is "Raising Arrows" by Amy Roberts.  I am taking an "eclectic" approach to schooling the kids.  We cook together, read books, sing around the keyboard and do a calender each day.

Book I am currently reading:  "Beyond the Sling" by Mayim Bialik.  

Website I am hoping to join in the next couple months:  Pretty Padded Room
I am a licensed therapist and hope to continue doing therapy through video conferencing.

I also would like to talk more in depth about my nursing journey and where I am currently with tandem nursing.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Raised Garden Beds

Last year I wanted to try gardening in a raised garden bed. I was pregnant and we were trying to sell the house.  The house didn't sell, so I was able to convince the hubby to build some raised garden beds this year. We bought ours from Cosco. We have leaves, twigs, dirt, newspaper, manure and top soil as layers so far.  The toddlers did well moving the dirt and helping the hubby.

Isaiah 58:11

New King James Version (NKJV)

The Lord will guide you continually,
And satisfy your soul in drought,
And strengthen your bones;
You shall be like a watered garden,
And like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


My hubby and I started training for a 5K. We are using the couch to 5K app. I push Shiloh in the stroller and hubby pushes the boys in the double stroller.  I love feeling the wind on my face and pushing a stroller "fast." Elijah will often repeat the mans voice with "5 minute warm up walk Mom!"  I love reading about other active moms and running.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


This past weekend we had a visit to the medical center, emergency department and then ended up with an endoscopy of my hubby's esophagus.  He appears to have a sensitivity to dairy,  gluten and peanuts. With God's strength I was able to watch the 3 kids in the waiting area for 3.5 hours on Tuesday during his procedure.

We are home today and thankful to have a "regular routine" day, filled with playdough, cleaning and rest time. I am also watching a neighborhood boy this week. I pray that our family could be a blessing to him!  I am looking forward to a la leche league meeting tomorrow.  

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Facial Scrubs and Science experiments

Today for Science we did "float" or "sink."  We read the magic school bus book about floating and sinking. We then made play dough rocks to see if they would float or sink.  We also made a boat that floated.

Shiloh and I also made a facial scrub out of sugar and melted coconut oil.  Our faces and hands are now soft and glowing.

Yes, we even had our daily walk today.  The kids love walking, making snow angels and stopping to look at boot prints, squirrels and sticks.   This season we have also enjoyed reading "The Snowy Day" by Ezra Jack Keats and completing snowy day - story time activities.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March is here

March started out with my hubby passing out in the middle of the night. Possibly from fever related illness? Or from Tylenol or ibuprofen?  We don't take many medications in this house. However, after Elijah's fever was brought down by children's Tylenol we now have children's and adult Tylenol in the house.

I am looking into going back to work. I believe God has a plan for me in my current work place. I interviewed for several jobs for part time and per diem positions. However,  I would have to carry a pager with those jobs and work on Sabbath.  I also would have less pay than my current job.  God put a precious caregiver in my path to care for my children.  She is a warm and loving person who shares my faith and understands our dietary restrictions.  Her hubby is currently studying aviation. They are from South Africa (home of the 2010 World Cup) and plan to return to Chad as missionaries.  I believe that by working I can aid in the gospel going forth, by supporting this precious couple.

King James Version (KJV) Hebrews 13:1  Let brotherly love continue.

Elijah loves to hold Jonah's hand on car rides, when they often both fall asleep.  

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Febrile Seizure

Sunday was an interesting day for us. God was there and we felt his presence. Our dear sweet 3 year old little man has been struggling with temper tantrums.   However now I am wondering if he was not feeling well for a while now.  He appears to have extreme anxiety in social situations and refuses to use the bathroom. He often will refuse to eat or drink as well in other environments.  Friday I watched 4 other children, plus mine. Saturday is a church day with service and potluck. Sunday we went over to my parent's house.  My parents were over at my grandma's house when the incident occurred.

Elijah moaned and groaned the whole day on Sunday.  Elijah has a lot of anxiety about going the potty at other peoples's houses.  He will wait 4-6 hours before using the toilet.  He often will wait to poop until we put his nighttime diaper on.

Elijah's forehead felt warm so my hubby asked for a cold washcloth.  As I was giving him a washcloth he started to seize. I believe the seizing lasted 2-3 minutes. Elijah's aunt called 911 while his uncle entertained Shiloh. I was wearing Jonah in the ergo so I was able to pray over Elijah and ask 911 what to do next.  The 911 operator told us not to take him outside.  So I opened a window because I believe fresh air helps everyone.  It took the paramedics 6-7 minutes to get to the house.  Elijah's lips turned blue and all I could do was pray for him to come back to consciousness.  My hubby held Elijah the entire time.  Hubby then laid with him on the couch after the paramedics left.

Elijah's sugar was 150 and temperature read 98.6 on the paramedics charts.  They recommended he take a tempid bath if we were not going to transport him to the hospital.  We decided not to transport him to the hospital. We did take his temperature again, and it was 102.1 degrees F. Elijah's aunt and uncle went to get children's tylenol and ibruprofen. We gave him the ibruprofen and that did bring his tempeterature down.

I have worked with kids with seizures and also have been part of pediatric hospice, seeing many different children with various illnesses and diseases that were not compatible with life.  I am thankful that God spared Elijah and that we were able to get through this trial and persevere.

Here is some information on febrile seizures.  Another factor includes Elijah may have a urinary tract infection that caused a high temperature that caused a seizure.  I am doing my research on what may have happened and then I plan to talk with Elijah's family dr. in the near future.

James 5:16 New King James Version (NKJV)16 Confess your trespasses[a] to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January has ended

January ended with two birthdays, Shiloh and my birthday.  We shopped at Cosco earlier in the month to buy groceries and an amazing gluten free cake mix.  (Read the dangers of wheat here.)  Cosco is one of my favorite outings for the month. I love tasting samples and I love thinking about food.

Kids pushing the Cosco cart.   

We made the cake mix for my birthday and Shiloh's 2nd birthday.  Read her amazing birth story here.   Our goals is to be gluten free , dairy free and meat free this year.

Namaste spice cake mix with flax seed gel (egg substitute).

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Januaray Blahs

I am trying to stay positive about all the snow we have received this year but it is difficult at times.  I continue to take the kids outside each day even though temperatures are around 10 degrees.  We walked to the post office today in what seemed like a blizzard. Good thing the walk only took us 20 minutes there and 20 minutes back.

I continue to search for per diem work.  I am not willing to work on Saturday, as I believe that is the day God ordained as Sabbath. I am wiling to work second shift and maybe third shift but I would prefer per diem work, mostly on Sundays and one day a week.  I believe many of my work doors are being closed. I have a full time position that I could go back into but I feel that 1st shift, full time is too many hours to be away from kids.

With three kids I find that an exercise routine is difficult at times. I wear my baby often and go for short walks with the toddlers but I am not exactly ready to run a 5K yet. I hope that I can get more core back in shape so that I will be able to run this spring and summer with my hubby. I find that 10 minute workouts are perfect to get my heart rate up. Also, the toddlers and baby are able to entertain themselves during the work out.

Friday, January 17, 2014

I cannot believe that January is half way through.  We try to go through the date, month, year each day for circle time in the morning. We are working on Spanish counting and English counting. My husband also thinks my 3 year old is on the verge of reading. Therefore we are also working on "sight words."

Shiloh is imitating our words the last couple weeks. A couple months ago she was only using ASL to communicate. I used to be a nanny for a special needs 3 year old who also used ASL to communicate. I am thankful God has given me experiences that I can now use to raise my children.

I did the Garlic treatment for 3 more days on my "spot" near my collar bone.  I believe that after some of the skin heals from the "garlic burn" that the spot will be healed.  Amazing how herbs can be used inside your body as well as outside your body.

I am currently reading the book "Midwives" by Chris Bohjalian.  I am looking into being an assistant to a local doula.  I have a passion for mamas, natural births, nursing babes and toddlers.  I am  interviewing for per diem and "contingent" positions where I can spend more hours with my kids.  My resignation letter may soon be written to my employer of five years.

This month has been exhausting with a wedding, illness, baby dedication, birthdays and Father-son camp.  My hubby was in the wedding as an usher.  I know that we only have 3 little ones but I was quite worried how they would behave and if we could partake in all the wedding festivities.  We also are going vegan this year so that adds to the stress of what will we feed the kids.  I often bring homemade bars when we travel outside the house.

My mother watched the kids (all 3, first time) so the hubby and I could attend the Rehearsal dinner.  For the wedding the bride allowed me to enter the bridal chamber.  What a privilege to pray with the bridal party and parents of the bride.  I am thankful that my mother came down to the nursery and watched the toddlers while Jonah (in the ergo) and I prayed with the bridal party, right before the ceremony. God worked out all the details so I could have precious moments with the bride, her girls and parents.

On a side note, we decided to take both toddlers to the wedding.  They even ate the salad and vegan portobello mushroom meal.  I found it interesting that our waitress was not going to serve the toddlers a salad. I had to go up to the server and ask her why they didn't get a salad. She said "Oh, I thought kids don't like salad." Well, salad and veggies are a big portion of  my kids diet.

We also celebrated my brother's, mine and Shiloh's birthday this month. We ordered vegan pizza. The thing was that my dad could also get his meat pizza at this special place. We are thankful for another year.

The kids and I are currently battling upper respiratory illness. I usually get sick this time of year, as I was quite sick during the birth of Shiloh. I am wondering if it more "allergies" of when the weather warms above freezing for a couple days and then plummets to single digits for the next couple days.

Shiloh and Jonah are both coughing often at night and have "eye colds" too.  I have been up every 4 hours this past week coughing and making tea for myself as well. I have found that Mothers tea works for enhancing milk production and soothing coughs.  We did go to the Dr. (D.O.) but she thinks it is a viral infection and therefore antibiotics weren't recommend.

And lastly, little Jonah will be dedicated to the Lord tomorrow.  There will also be a baptism at our Sabbath service.  I pray that many friends and family will be able to attend. We will also be attending a prophecy "rally" tomorrow to learn specific outreach techniques in our city, community and state.