Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Januaray Blahs

I am trying to stay positive about all the snow we have received this year but it is difficult at times.  I continue to take the kids outside each day even though temperatures are around 10 degrees.  We walked to the post office today in what seemed like a blizzard. Good thing the walk only took us 20 minutes there and 20 minutes back.

I continue to search for per diem work.  I am not willing to work on Saturday, as I believe that is the day God ordained as Sabbath. I am wiling to work second shift and maybe third shift but I would prefer per diem work, mostly on Sundays and one day a week.  I believe many of my work doors are being closed. I have a full time position that I could go back into but I feel that 1st shift, full time is too many hours to be away from kids.

With three kids I find that an exercise routine is difficult at times. I wear my baby often and go for short walks with the toddlers but I am not exactly ready to run a 5K yet. I hope that I can get more core back in shape so that I will be able to run this spring and summer with my hubby. I find that 10 minute workouts are perfect to get my heart rate up. Also, the toddlers and baby are able to entertain themselves during the work out.

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