Friday, January 17, 2014

I cannot believe that January is half way through.  We try to go through the date, month, year each day for circle time in the morning. We are working on Spanish counting and English counting. My husband also thinks my 3 year old is on the verge of reading. Therefore we are also working on "sight words."

Shiloh is imitating our words the last couple weeks. A couple months ago she was only using ASL to communicate. I used to be a nanny for a special needs 3 year old who also used ASL to communicate. I am thankful God has given me experiences that I can now use to raise my children.

I did the Garlic treatment for 3 more days on my "spot" near my collar bone.  I believe that after some of the skin heals from the "garlic burn" that the spot will be healed.  Amazing how herbs can be used inside your body as well as outside your body.

I am currently reading the book "Midwives" by Chris Bohjalian.  I am looking into being an assistant to a local doula.  I have a passion for mamas, natural births, nursing babes and toddlers.  I am  interviewing for per diem and "contingent" positions where I can spend more hours with my kids.  My resignation letter may soon be written to my employer of five years.

This month has been exhausting with a wedding, illness, baby dedication, birthdays and Father-son camp.  My hubby was in the wedding as an usher.  I know that we only have 3 little ones but I was quite worried how they would behave and if we could partake in all the wedding festivities.  We also are going vegan this year so that adds to the stress of what will we feed the kids.  I often bring homemade bars when we travel outside the house.

My mother watched the kids (all 3, first time) so the hubby and I could attend the Rehearsal dinner.  For the wedding the bride allowed me to enter the bridal chamber.  What a privilege to pray with the bridal party and parents of the bride.  I am thankful that my mother came down to the nursery and watched the toddlers while Jonah (in the ergo) and I prayed with the bridal party, right before the ceremony. God worked out all the details so I could have precious moments with the bride, her girls and parents.

On a side note, we decided to take both toddlers to the wedding.  They even ate the salad and vegan portobello mushroom meal.  I found it interesting that our waitress was not going to serve the toddlers a salad. I had to go up to the server and ask her why they didn't get a salad. She said "Oh, I thought kids don't like salad." Well, salad and veggies are a big portion of  my kids diet.

We also celebrated my brother's, mine and Shiloh's birthday this month. We ordered vegan pizza. The thing was that my dad could also get his meat pizza at this special place. We are thankful for another year.

The kids and I are currently battling upper respiratory illness. I usually get sick this time of year, as I was quite sick during the birth of Shiloh. I am wondering if it more "allergies" of when the weather warms above freezing for a couple days and then plummets to single digits for the next couple days.

Shiloh and Jonah are both coughing often at night and have "eye colds" too.  I have been up every 4 hours this past week coughing and making tea for myself as well. I have found that Mothers tea works for enhancing milk production and soothing coughs.  We did go to the Dr. (D.O.) but she thinks it is a viral infection and therefore antibiotics weren't recommend.

And lastly, little Jonah will be dedicated to the Lord tomorrow.  There will also be a baptism at our Sabbath service.  I pray that many friends and family will be able to attend. We will also be attending a prophecy "rally" tomorrow to learn specific outreach techniques in our city, community and state.

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