Thursday, December 19, 2013

Working outside the home

To work or not to work. That is the question. I packed up all 3 kids yesterday and we attended my work Christmas potluck.  I loved being among co-workers. I love that we are one big family.  When one works in a stressful environment you feel as though you have been to "war" and back with those co-workers. You have been in the trenches with those special individuals.

My husband and I talk about whether or not I will seek employment outside of the home on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.  I worked hard to get my masters degree, credentials and pay off my student loans. I was in the workforce less than 10 years.  I do have a 401K started and pray that money would continue to grow exponentially.

I love being home with my kids and having a schedule 8am-8pm and that I have control over their schedule. I love that that I have control over their meals and how they are prepared. I love that I do not have to pump breast milk for the baby. I enjoy all the direct cuddles all day long.

And so the dilemma continues, should a woman work outside the home? How many hours? Each family and woman is different. But as I dig deeper into God's word I keep coming back to "Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward in one's youth" Psalm 127.  These 3 children God gave me to raise and I want to follow God's best plan for them.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post in your comment on Mom2Mom Mondays. I think your honest struggle to find ever-changing balance is true for many, and probably most, moms. Keep looking to God-that is all I think I can do to try to do my best for my family too. Seeking His guidance and direction for my life is the only way I can find peace. Best to you as you continue to answer the question about working outside the home or staying home.

  2. Yes, I continue to pray. I am currently looking for a per diem job. I am planning to write my resignation letter to the full time position I have held the past five years.