Saturday, February 14, 2015

Speech Apraxia Resources

As a homeschool mom you want the best for your kids but you want to minimize the outside influences on your household.  My 3 year old has some speech difficulties. I was a nanny for a girl with speech difficulties and I find that my knowledge of ASL has helped as well.  Instead of bringing in a speech therapist we decided to look for our own resources.  I continue to pray that I will run into another homeschool mom who is a speech therapist or knows of specific resources for me to use.

Youtube has some great resources.

Ipad also has some resources for speech apaxia.

Articulation Station has also been helpful for us.


  1. Whitney, a blogger at Beauty in the Mess, also has a child with Speech Apraxia. She has a few lists of resources on her blog that you might find helpful! I had never heard of it until I read her blog. Glad you posted on this! I know many moms will find it super helpful.

  2. Thank you for another resource! I will definitely look more at Whitney's Blog.